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Feb 8, 2013 4:30am PST
londoners are changing their minds about germans. we first turn to the struggle for democracy in egypt. again, supporters of the opposition are being killed exactly two years after the bloody revolution that toppled dictator hosni mubarak. at the time, egyptians enthusiastically ushered in a new era, but the new president has since left many people deeply disappointed. some egyptians are downright worried beethat under the muslim brotherhood, the country has moved even further from democracy. one blogger is one of those who openly criticizes the new government, but he had to leave egypt to be able to do so. >> the market square is a popular tourist destination. usually, it is filled with people strolling through, taking pictures of st. mary's church, but not everyone carrying a camera here today is on holiday. kareem is not a taurus. he is a 28-will blog your -- 28- year-old logger -- blogger from egypt. the city offered him refuge for one year. the idea was to give him some breathing room and time to feel safe again. his first impressions involved pigeons like these. >> it is not like
Feb 8, 2013 4:00am EST
've seen -- what was it, the bruin london pack is deepening. so in some ways, it seems as though it's deepening. just a bit of news here following the discussion we had with stephane just a few minutes ago. the french finance ministry is now saying the state is not -- it's taking a stake in peugeot. it's not on the agenda. peugeot shares are down about 2% currently on the cac 40. it says an asset write-down doesn't mean it needs a capital boost, that the write-down doesn't affect its solvability or liquidity and that the probabilities pursue a recovery plan. all of this coming out of the french government is ironic in the first place. now you can see shares falling almost 275%, ross. clearly there is some hope that there would be a benefit here or help from the government without necessarily nationalizing, but they say their priority is to strengthen the gm alliance. we'll keep an eye on gm shares and see if they want to move it along. >> so no stake at the moment, according to french government. meanwhile, the world's fastest main, usain bolt could be ready to end his uk competitio
Feb 7, 2013 5:00pm PST
. we reached a price, i agreed with them. supervisor london breed had some opposition. other than that we would like to move to fillmore, only 175 ft. from where we are, we have been there eight and a half years. i'm not flying in from oklahoma. i have an office on 320 bayshore. i happen to be a franchisee of domino's my brand, my life, all i have been done since i graduated from duke university. it is what it is. would prefer the site on fillmore. the site on geary is near a store will really have. being across the street from mcdonald's -- gosh, they're not going out of business anytime soon. we sell affordable food. it is still a poor neighborhood. that is how we got the first time, it was redevelopment. we sell affordable food. we hope that you will accept it. thank you. >> commissioner wu: any other public comment? public comment is closed. >> commissioner borden: this is an either or situation. if we vote for geary we would not approve the other? >>: the item now is the geary location. >> commissioner borden: i want to understand, when i think about domino's pizza i thin
Feb 8, 2013 1:30am PST
in the rubble. or was there nothing except an inxoerable deadly silence. and the next reader is rick london. >> i'm going to read a few poems by the palestinian poet mahmud darish. i have the wisdom of one condemned to die. i possess nothing, so nothing can possess me and have written my will in my own blood. oh, inhabitant of my song, trust in water. and i sleep pierced and crowned by my tomorrow. i dream the earth's heart is greater than its mouth, more clear than its mirrors, and i was lost in a white cloud that carried me up high as if i were a hupo and the wind itself my wings. at dawn, the call of the night guard woke me from my dream, from my language. you will live another death, so revise your last will. the hour of execution is postponed again. i asked, until when? he said, wait till you have died some more. i said, i possess nothing, so nothing can possess me, and have written my will in my own blood. oh, inhabitant of my song, trust in water. this last poem has an epigraph, the cypress is the shadow of the tree and not the tree itself, and has no shadow because it is the tree's
Feb 8, 2013 12:00pm PST
in the audience brought it. her company is cheesecake delights. and catch stacy london on "whatnot to wear" and tomorrow toni braxton is my co-host. see you then. bye-bye everyone. have a great day. >>> there are late developments in the case of a 13-year-old killed in fairfield. here what police are now saying about a suspect. >>> a blizzard back east is causing travel headaches here. >>> new details on the search for a suspected cop killer at noon. >>> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. >>> this is ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >> fairfield police make an arrest in the killing of a 13- year-old girl found strangled one week ago today. >>> good afternoon, i am tori campbell. >>> fairfield police have announced an arrest no the killing of a 13-year-old girl, john elogy conway alespecially found strangled in a park last friday. noel walker joins us live from fairfield where police just held a press conference. noel. >> reporter: tory coming to you live from the chambers where they just ap wrapped up. this is the photo of the suspect, his name is anthony lamar jones, 32 years o
Feb 7, 2013 9:00pm PST
. >> madam clerk, please, item number 9. >> item number 9, motion appointing supervisor london breed, term ending february 4, 2015, to the san francisco local agency formation commission. >> seeing no public comment, public comment is closed. supervisor? cohen? >> yes. i'd like to support this motion, to support supervisor breed. >> i second it. and without any objection, motion passes. >> excuse me, supervisor, would you like to send this item as full -- would you like to send this item to the board as full meeting for the meeting february 12, 2013 since it is an urgent matter? >> yes. okay. madam clerk, can you call item number 10? >> item number 10, motion reappointing supervisor malia cohen, term ending june 30, 2014, to the association of bay area governments executive board. >> okay. seeing no public here, public comment is closed. supervisor breed, would you like to make a motion? >> so moved. >> i will second it. without any objection, i will move this forward. madam clerk, can you call item number 11? >> item number 11, motion reappointing supervisor eric mar, term ending february
Feb 7, 2013 11:00pm EST
renowned ... musician... is... playinggat the london zoo.../ p hoping his rrmantic music... will encourage tte gallpagos ortoises... to.... ate...//.it's... an unusuallaudience... / an... animal lover -3 himself, says... he juuped at & the serenade the endangered species. 3 ccaydermmn says: "i notice that in my omeewhen play the piano my ddg is always near me and so mmybe its good for the animals to listen to the music" music" 3 to... help et the ood..../ clayder-maa... played his ssash hit... "balladd... pour adeline"--// a ... tracc... that... rrakssas one of the biggest selling recordings of all time. if that doesnnt get the tortoises árandyá..../ zoo... wwll have to bring out the big guns...// like... marvin gaye's lets get it on... two thousand nakes on a &pplaae. the calendar evvnt that is big money for black market cobraadealers. &p3 3&ptwo thousand snakes... are airplane. 3& buutunlike the movie, the plane maae it back safely. safely. 3 bag after bag of r
Feb 7, 2013 4:00pm PST
but independent films and culture program such as the san francisco opera and the national theatre of london. as you can imagine both the films and special programs require a quiet setting. i just had a meeting with the san francisco film festival we shared concerns with me about the noise bleed issue. it is not workable to have music bleeding into our auditoriums. we cannot have any kind of interruption to our patrons' ability to watch movies. pa'ian is next to our theater. we share walls. the ceiling is our floor. this present difficulties as people stand around the ada, the ramp by the theatre. they have not complied with the sound restrictions already required by the temporary permit and not in compliance with several liquor law restrictions related to sound and loitering. we are concerned that is the sup is violated -- >> president fong: your time is up. >>: we just want everybody to enjoy their experience of sundance cinema. >> president fong: next speaker please. >>: my name is martin feinman the attorney for sundance kabuki cinemas, one of the businesses next door to the pa'ina lo
Feb 8, 2013 7:30am EST
and see some snowfall accumulate up in moscow where the high is at 2 degrees. warsaw 1. in london and paris 5 and 6 but a nice mild 10 degrees to start off your weekend there in madrid. that's a look at your world weather here's the extended forecast. >>> for all of us here at "newsline" i'm james tangan. thank you for joining us
Feb 7, 2013 10:00pm PST
old. by then he had already become one of the london's most important men of letters and possibly the world's greatest wit. but that didn't stop england from charging him with 25 counts of gross indecencies and conspiracies to commit gross indecencies when he was 40 years old. the prosecution called young male witnesses to testify about the criminal sexual behavior oscar wilde engaged in when homosexual sex was a crime in england and most of the world. during the trial, the prosecutor read a poem by lord alfred douglas that wilde said he admired and asked wilde to interpret one of the lines of the poem. the prosecutor's question was, quote, what is the love that dare not speak its name? oscar wilde gave a long answer at the end of which the court transcript indicates, loud applause mingled with some hiss. the sex crime defendant facing ruination as he sat in the witness stand answered the question this way. the love that dare not speak its name in this century is such a great affection of an elder for a younger man, such a plato made the very basis of his philosophy and in michela
Feb 8, 2013 12:35am PST
was at the olympics in london. competing. >> competing. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i was competing. >> yeah. dressage. >> jimmy: i go to get coffee. i'm about to do a bit with bob costas. i'm about to get a coffee. >> name dropping. >> jimmy: thank you. i was going to the commissary, the nbc commissary to get a coffee, and i see bruce jenner. and i go, "oh, i don't want to run into him." >> right, no one does. [ laughter ] he's gonna kill me. >> jimmy: i made a joke about his face. he's probably a nice guy, but i made a joke of something like, 50% of his face is recyclable. [ laughter ] something like that. and then -- so i don't wanna run into him, so i go -- because i don't know him, and i don't really dislike the guy. he's a legend. >> right. >> jimmy: so i see him, and he's got a double breasted suit on. he's got two earrings. he's got the prince valiant haircut. [ laughter ] >> and you were like, "latoya!" [ laughter ] i mean -- >> jimmy: so i go the other way. i go the other way. i don't want confrontation. >> right, right, right, right. >> jimmy: i don't like confrontation, so i go the other w
FOX Business
Feb 8, 2013 12:00am EST
fire, at the fire of london resulted in a much greater capital emerging, people in you were lanes are rebuilding the city for the better with the school choice movement is here tuesday and will never go back. john: and more good news from the internet low-cal excited these kids are about math john: to your kids have a good teacher? have you know, ? will be the teacher next door is better maybe in another state or the world's best teacher or several. wouldn't that be great? today, yes you can. >> these kids are this excited about the math website. >> it taught me a lot of things. >> five years ago hedge fund analyst created videos to tutor his cousin. >> and her brother and mark cousins that i had a lecture then they said put them on your tube. >> welcome to the presentation soon thousands watched and comments on you to it is not like i think this kind of help but i failed calculus the first time i watch the videos nowadays the class. >> he got letters from the middle east. >> when he has done is amazing now he is funded by bill gates and offers web lectures from history to economi
Feb 8, 2013 2:30am PST
in london. steve, what exactly did david einhorn, who is he suing, what's going on here? >> basically, the point is apple wants to change its charter and ban a type of shares which would give a very high yield to investors. they want to preserve their cash pile, $137 billion, part of $500 billion plus held by the top 20 u.s. corporate. they want to hang on to the money, most of which is held offshore, which in brought back onshore into the united states could trigger hefty tax bills. apple wants to hang on to the money to use in other ways going forward. a lot of activist shareholders and hedge funds want a higher yield on their stock, especially considering the fact that stocks like apple are now trading as low as $468 a share. it's a very anxiety battle for the company and investors. >> steve, the merger talks, american airlines and us airways, where's it stand now? what's the implications for passengers? >> yeah, looks like this one's going ahead. it will create the largest domestic u.s. carrier, part of a process which has taken from us in 2001 to 10, 11 major carriers to four. de
Feb 8, 2013 3:00pm PST
walking tours up and the mayor's office of economic development. our newest supervisor, supervisor london breed. let's give him a round of applause. (applause) ♪ ♪ >> hi, are you going to speak first or me? >> you, please. >> hi, everybody. i'm so happy to be here to celebrate this -- what is it, the neighborhood empowerment network awards. this is like the fifth year that this has happened and i remember just about two years ago when the divisadero corridor received the same award. so, it is truly an honor to be here as the district 5 supervisor. the neighborhood i live in, to see many of the people i know, they're all sitting in the front row. i see you, joe, from john mere pierre from the meat store and pierre was front and center when that fire happened on walgreens on fillmore and haight and getting those people out. thea shelby who has been working really hard, one of the founders of the lower haight merchant and neighborhood associations. she has been a tireless advocate in this area for public safety. i'm so happy to see you here. devon, the new president and thea has served a
Feb 8, 2013 6:30pm EST
for bathing, they expect the number to have swelled to 40 million people, the size of new york, london, and paris combined. leading the crowds are india's colorful holy men. one of them is mahant ravindranand sarswati who helped explain hindu beliefs, including reincarnation. >> that's the start of life. this is a truth. understand? >> reporter: most of the pilgrims make do with basic conditions, but for a wealthy few, there's this luxury tented camp where one of the guests is an indian princess who normally lives in a palace. >> it's something that binds you all together. that faith in the ganges, in your gods-- as many as they are-- we are one. >> reporter: a ritual that's been celebrated by hindus for thousands of years in a country of stunning contrast still that has power to draw the faithful. holly williams, cbs news, prayag india. >> pelley: well, america's biggest festival, the super bowl was blacked out. we can tell you why now in just a moment.ay y. until he got his number. right! the machine showed me my pressure points on my feet, and it gave me my custom number. my arches
FOX Business
Feb 7, 2013 9:00pm EST
resulted in a greater chicago built, trans earning, in a much more dynamic safer city. the fire of london resulted in a much greater capital emerging, you know, people in new orleans, are let's building the city for the better of the school choice movement it is here to stay. john: in addition, more good news this time from internet. will blob should be worried, because look at how excited these kids are about math. john: do your kids have a good teacher? how do you know? maybe the teacher next door is better? maybe there is a better teacher in a different state, maybe there is a world's best teacher or several. it would be great if your kids had that teacher. today, you can. >> i got it. woo! yeah. 92 these kids are -- >> these kids are this excited about a mag web site. >> we're done. >> it out the me a lot. john: 5 years ago hedge fund analyst sal khan created videos like this to tutor his cousin. >> it worked out well. i had a friend say said, sal put your lectures on youtube, i gave it a shot. >> welcome to presentation on basic addition. john: thousands watched his lectures. >> i g
FOX Business
Feb 8, 2013 5:00pm EST
a strong pickup for china's economy. that sent crude futures in london soaring near 1.5% to settle at a nine month high. all right, up next, it is the worst blizzard in decades, and it is swallowing the northeast whole. also, it's leaving one 5-year-old in florida bummed out that a certain news anchor is up in arms as well. the story coming up. online gambling coming up, aces in new jersey as governor christie ready to approve legislation, but will it juice the state's economy like supporters claim? one of the lawmakers behind it will join us. can you have too much "money" or snow apparently. ♪ did you know not all fiber is the same? citrucel is different- it's the only fiber for regularity that won't cause excess gas. it's gentle and clinically proven to help restore and maintain regularity. look for citrucel today. more "likes." more tweets. so, beginning today, my son bro and his whole team will be our new senior social media strategists. any questions? since we mak radiator valves wouldn't it be better if we just let fedex help us to expand to new markets? hmm gotta admit tha
Feb 8, 2013 2:05am PST
at the sleeves, very beautiful and from london times. >> big round of applause for joanne. joanne, you join them over there. >> all right. jackie lathum is 20 years old. she's our second lady from yardley, pennsylvania. she is not into fashion at all and is always in sweat pants. classic college attire. her mom doesn't even know that she is in new york today. >> oh, trouble. >> oh, dear. supporting a cause. we think she will find out soon enough if she is watching our show. let's listen to her story. >> well, matt, i know your friend jackie really deserves this. >> yeah, absolutely. so we're here for the penn state dance marathon which is a fundraising awareness campaign for pediatric cancer, and basically she's an entertainment -- she works so hard at her job, and she's great at it, so we really want her to have this. >> such supportive friends. what do you think of all this? >> i can't believe it. i'm used to wearing a hoody and jeans and converses every day. to have a makeover would be really nice. >> you are going to be glam. >> i can't wait. >> oh, hope her mom forgives her. she's here for
Feb 8, 2013 5:00am EST
in london. the year of the snake has had a bad reputation wh superstitious. last year the snake was in 2001, the year of the september 11th attacks and the snake year before that was in 1989 when the chinese forces battled pro democracy forces in beijing. astrologers say don't worry, there is a lot of good coming in 2013. >> i like to celebrate with a lot of food, noodles, dumplings. >> dumplings? bring them in. i am eat them. >>> a live look at boston on the massive storm that could bury beantown. this conjures bad memories for people who lived there a long time. >> there is a list of school closings and delays getting longer. we're back in 90 s >>> a
Feb 8, 2013 5:00pm EST
. [ laughter ] >> that is gray great thing issue i can look london fletcher in the eyes and -- . >> before you met? >> don't tell him i said that. >> i don't know if you saw the wave, i waved at you guys, but -- . >> lust thing -- just letting you know i'm okay. >> you never go somewhere expecting people to chant your name. i never have. i don't know about you guys. [ laughter ] so, so -- [ laughter ] >> i don't know if you have ever been to a good doctor, but -- [ laughter ] like i said, i'm good for one every time, but -- >> good for one every time. he's hysterical. >> a side we don't get to see, usually about business, the sound you have to use for the sports casts. >> yes. >> i have been collecting them all season. he gets embarrassd when he starts laughing because he knows everyone's looking. he's covering his mouth and everything. he's great and funny. if he's not able to play next year, this is something people will miss as well. >> . >> and hopefully he makes this. >> and that is what you want from your professional athletic star, a combination of being able to play, obviously, but a g
Feb 8, 2013 1:00pm EST
jersey. they traded in london but had huge days, bwin almost 15 times its average daily volume. i want to point out people, this legislation has nothing to do with sports betting. new jersey is moving ahead with that as well but can't start doing it until or unless they settle a lawsuit with major sports and ncaa. with the thing with on-line betti betting, they are in early and it'll be huge in it happens. >> thanks, folks. >>> what inspired clint eastwood's empty chair ref willry? here is a hint. it involves neil diamond, sweet caroline. the answer on power when we come back. [ kitt ] you know what's impressive? a talking car. but i'll tell you what impresses me. a talking train. this ge locomotive can tell you exactly where it is, what it's carrying, while using less fuel. delivering whatever the world needs, when it needs it. ♪ after all, what's the point of talking if you don't have something important to say? ♪ >>> as we mentioned earlier, chris christie vetoed a gambling bill and he said he would sign off on it if it had a ten-year. >> michelle? >> i like state laws. you shou
Feb 8, 2013 11:00am PST
from london's heathrow airport to boston and new york. am track also suspending rail service in the northeast. meteorologist julie martin is tracking the storm for us. julie, where are seeing i guess the most intense snowfall right now? >> from connecticut to maine and massachusetts but really to put it in perspective, we are just getting going here. this storm just starting to wind up. in cities like boston, dealing with a slushy mess and snow right now. maine heavy snow for you. new york, just starting to turn over to snow but by the evening rush around 5:00 p.m. really going to get blasted there in new york city. heavy snow expected tonight. could pick up another eight inches to a foot and the word of caution today is get out early, get off the roads. many governors wanting you to do that very thing. here's a look at tomorrow then. still dealing with blizzard-like conditions in the cities including boston. this is a long duration of that and that's a problem with this system. storm:con for boston is a 10. that's the highest level here at the weather channel. you need cauti
Feb 7, 2013 11:00pm PST
suits me fine. >> rose: you could have gone to london. >> coy have, yeah. >> rose: didn't want to do that. >> i'm not the kind of person who likes to be in a bureau. >> rose: explain that, what is it about you that doesn't want to be in a bureau. >> i don't like being told what to do. i think that-- i don't fit in those kinds of things. i like to do my own thing. it's a kind of freedom and i cherish that. >> rose: and we all know that some days you have to work really hard when the berlin wall fell i know i was on my feet for 42 hours. >> rose: 423 hours. >> after that i'm not sure what happened because i woke up in the backseat of a car. but yeah. >> rose: sober or not sober. >> no, no, i literally collapsed, yeah. but so what. it was the fall of the berlin wall. are you never going see it again. and some days you go places and will stay in a five star hotel and nothing will happen and whoa, they pay me to be here, you know, it's a great life. >> rose: let me talk about stories you have covered. remind me of the stories that were so meaningful to you. what are the stories that have,
Feb 8, 2013 2:35am EST
in london. you may not know the name or face, but you know his work. he was the makeup genius behind "star wars." he passed away at the age of 98. had a six decade career in film. he did "2001 space odyssey," but his claim to fame was "star wars" and george lucas said he was already a legend in the business before he came to the set of "star wars." but just wanted to note that passing and send thoughts and love to the family. but everyone loves "star wars." >> absolutely. an incredible man, incredible work. >>> justin bieber has become the first artist with five number one albums before his 19th birthday. >> wow, before 19. >> before he hit 19, this man has -- this boy, this teenager has five number one albums on the billboard 200. "believe acoustic" tops the list with 211,000 copies sold. but great success and great tragedy, if you can call it tragedy. he's never been nominated for a grammy. >> i don't think tragedy is the word. >> i can't think of a word. great success comes great -- a little bit less success. >>> also, apparently the mandela family, they're jumping into the reality tv g
Feb 8, 2013 6:00pm EST
because other outlets noted the location of the base months ago. the times of london mentioned it in july 2011 while fox news notification and an online article before broadening the language to say "arabian peninsula." adrian chen wrote -- a hunt is underway in southern california for former police officer accused of killing three people and launching a targeted offensive against the l.a. police department. christopher dorner, a former navy reserve lieutenant, posted a lengthy manifesto on facebook vowing "unconventional and asymmetrical warfare to those in lapd uniform." the l.a. police chief described the suspect on thursday. >> of course he knows what he is doing. we trained him read it he was also a member of the armed forces. it is extremely worrisome and scary, especially to the police officers involved. >> christopher dorner was fired from the lapd in 2008 for making false statements after he complained that his training officer had kicked a mentally 0 suspect in the course of an arrest. testimony by the suspect's father supported dorner's claim. over the weekend, dorner allegedly
Feb 8, 2013 12:00pm EST
while ago. 1989 to 1991. senior producer for the today show and nbc's london bureau chief. republican caller from alexandria virginia. >> al-jazeera al-jazeera journfallists in 2005 four and 2005 basically identified directly aiding and abetting of u.s. forces on the ground and directly contributed to by spotting and targeting american sources for the enemy directly leading to the death of american troops in iraq. and i think that it is something that american or listeners of this show should be very much aware of when they. participating in the al-jazeera. i read your website consistently. i think the news is decent but the editorial portions are so strongly anti-american, and, all of these articles they are talking about the downfall of america, and the strength of the vis-a-vis america and how, and i give you a perfect example. last week when president obama announced an increase in aiding and humanitarian aid to syrian civilians and the ref few camps in southern turkey, al-jazeera ran the article how america not giving weapons to the free syrian army was actually indirectly assist
Feb 8, 2013 6:00am EST
. budapest today, athens tomorrow, london then. as soon as people stand up to the global dictate, the e.u. smacks them down and shows them contempt, arrogance and insults them as you do, mr. cohelpbend it. -- cohen-bendit. [applause] [speaking french] >> translator: well, you won't be able to carry on like this for very long by making caricatures of those who oppose your model. in those circumstances, president, on behalf of france and europe will you decide to turn your back on this ultraliberal, globalist economic model which has been destroying jobs and the quality of life over the last 20 years for all europeans? thank you. [applause] [speaking french] >> translator: so i will now give the floor to president hollande. >> translator: well, i knew that when i came to the european parliament, it would be a way of preparing for what awaits me, and i've got no regrets about coming here this morning. finding people from the same side as me in france who i haven't met for some time, but also i was able to listen to various groups telling me how i could act in the european council. you'd ha
Feb 8, 2013 7:00am EST
wisdom. i have worked at american networks for almost 30 years and i was a london bureau chief and worked there for abc. they did cut back. covering international news is expensive. they will provide to the picture and not the context or actual reporting. you can take that picture and voice over so feels international or in washington. we've got boots on the ground, people in mali, nigeria, people in bangladesh. it is not everyone's cup of tea. i don't believe every american can't wake up and say what is happening in mali today but many people are not happy with what they are getting from american television news networks and they have broader interests. the web site traffic indicates -- the last year or even admitted he gets some news on aljazeera that he does not get from other places. that is our audience. host: brooklyn, new york, democrats online. caller: good morning, i am looking forward to aljazeera english this is what i am expecting from aljazeera in english -- once in awhile it would be nice if you talked about the truth of 9/11 why architects and engineers have asked for a new
Feb 8, 2013 9:00am EST
-- libor manipulation. j.p. morgan's london whale, where they did not even understand their risk, let alone management. and regulators have to supervise that to protect all of us. host: our caller mentioned gretchen mark gunston, a writer at "the new york times," -- you can find it on the web site, the video library but archives. rich demuro, special inspector general for tarp, -- christy romero. she has had prior roles at sigtarp and was also at the u.s. securities and exchange commission who -- and served as counsel to mary schapiro and christopher cox. and investigative financial fraud, insider trading and other violations of securities law. she spent time as a litigator. her jd is from brigham young law school and she went to school here, old dominion university. the special inspector general from tarp and a recent report. treasury continues approving excessive -- excessive pay. on twitter -- is this all hindsight? guest: it is interesting. one of the things we constantly report on is things that should have been done better. you have to respect that a lot of decisions were made with a
Feb 8, 2013 6:00am PST
to work with paul a couple of times in london and new york, and that's the most shocking thing about him is how real he is. he is really real. >> stephanie: you can forgive them for thinking it was probably a crazy hobo on the train. oh, my god! it's you. okay. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: other celebrity news simon cowell, to launch a new cooking show. >> another great. >> stephanie: yeah, he wants to broadcast a competition reality food show, so find the best home cooked meal with the winning dish being sold in top supermarkets. >> you call this water? i'm sorry. i'm not refreshed. >> that was the worst souffle i have ever seen. it is flatter than the ratings for kitchen nightmares. >> stephanie: a little pitchy. >> although he hasn't been on "american idol" in five years. >> oh, he hasn't? really? i'm happy to have not noticed. >> barbara walter will be returning to "the view." she fell and cut her head got a concussion, and then came down with chickenpox. he called into the show and said hello, my dolls i miss you. i talk to you ever day, i jo
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